Rental Seasons & Times

Bike Rentals are available 7 days a week from dawn to dusk. During these hours bikes may be unlocked from the stations. Bicycles may be returned after sunset or kept overnight for the daily, weekend, and weekly rental rates. Bikes may only be checked out or unlocked for docking stations during rental hours. 

Bikes will be available for rent from March 1 – November 15, weather permitting.

The Bikes

This versatile 7-speed bike is an ideal blend of comfort and performance. Its step-over mix frame design is universal, durable, and comfortable. And it’s aluminum frame and components are designed to be lightweight.

Aluminum frame and components
Shimano 7-speed Gearing
26″ puncture-resistant tires
Dual hand brakes
One-size unisex frame

Front basket with cup holder

Attached rear wheel lock


How To Rent

  • Download the Movatic app to your device from the Apple App Store or from Google Play
  • Complete the information required in the app
  • Scan the QR Code on the bike lock or enter the number of the bike you would like to use.
  • The bike will unlock and be available for use

How To Return/End Rental

  • Return the bike and lock it into the docking station
  • Open the Movatic app and end the rental. *Rental charges will continue until the rental is ended in the app.

Locking The Bike

Bikes can be locked while away from the docking station during the rental. Pull the lever on the locking device located under the seat on the back wheel down to lock the wheel. Remove the lock key. Use the key to unlock when ready to ride. 

Rental Rates

  • HOURLY – $10 first hour/ $3 each additional hour
  • DAILY (8 Hours) – $20
  • 24 HR Rental – $50
  • Weekend (2 Days) – $90
  • Week (7 Days) – $150

* Please note that hourly rentals are charged in 15-minute increments after the first hour. Rentals are charged at the first minute of the 15-minute increment. Renters MUST “End Rental” in the Movatic App to stop charges from accumulating. 

Where To Ride

Enjoy any of the roads, streets, and paths throughout Grand Rivers or load up the bike and take it to your campground or vacation rental. 

The bikes are designed to be used on smoother surfaces and are not mountain bikes. Riding rental bikes on rough trails or terrain is strictly prohibited and may result in the renter being charged for damages if they occur.