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This card is not eligible for the $25K Chance, but you can still win $250 or $150 in cash prizes & you are making a difference for Local Special Olympics.

How To Play

Please Follow These Rules


  • A “Best Hand” prize of $250 and a “Worst Hand” prize of $150 will be awarded. Winning players must be present to win.
  • In the case of a tie of “Best” or “Worst” hand, players will draw from a deck of cards to determine the winner. The highest is drawn to determine the best hand, and the lowest is drawn to determine the worst hand winner.
  • All score cards must be submitted to the judge in Little Lake Park by 7:15 PM. The final winners will be announced at 7:30 PM.
  • All decisions of the judge/score card reader will be Final. This is a 5 Card Standard Poker Game and will be Judged as such.
  • There are a total of seven (7) Dealers/Poker Stops. One card may be picked up per stop. If a duplicate card is drawn (same suit AND face value) the play may redraw.
  • Players must return the card to the dealer’s deck. ALL players must have their score cards marked by the dealer.
  • Discarding – There are 7 stops, and only 5 cards are allowed or needed for play. Players can discard two times. To discard, the player must determine if they want to keep the card or discard it BEFORE the card is marked on the score card. Once the card is marked on the scorecard it can not be discarded. Once the score card to marked to discard a card, the card must be returned to the dealer’s deck. An additional card can not be picked up from that dealer location.

Scan The QR Code On Your Score Card For Your First Stop! All participants will leave Little Lake Park at 5:30 & Must have Score Cards judged by 7:15.

Have Fun!

Thank you for supporting Local Special Olympics