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Play The Lakes

Together, Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley form the largest body of water between the Great Lakes and the Gulf of Mexico. With over 210,000 acres of water, Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley provide plenty of room for fishing, boating, and outdoor recreation.

With resort marinas on both Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley, Grand Rivers offers unlimited water recreation. The marinas of Green Turtle Bay and Lighthouse Landing serve as gateways to the lakes for thousands of visitors seeking to enjoy boating and water sports.

Bring your own or rent a boat, kayak, canoe or take a sailing class and get out and play the lakes in Grand Rivers, Kentucky.


Fish The Lakes

Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley offers the best freshwater fishing in the country. Western Kentucky’s Rivers and lakes offer an abundance of sport fish including catfish, sauger, bass, crappie, and bluegill.

Grand Rivers is the only location with access to both Kentucky and Barkley Lakes within one mile of each other, the canal that connects both lakes, and access to the tailwaters of Kentucky and Barkley Dams.

Fish from the banks, by boat or with our local guide service.



The Nature Of Grand Rivers

Grand Rivers is the Northern gateway to one of the United States largest National outdoor recreation areas, The Land Between The Lakes.

Elk and bison can be seen at the Elk & Bison Prairie in Land Between The Lakes. Drive through this scenic, enclosed area for your chance to see these magnificent creatures up-close and personal. You might even have to stop and wait for these guys to get out of the road!

Throughout LBL, deer, osprey, beaver, migratory birds and bald eagles can be seen in addition to numerous other native wildlife. The Woodlands Nature Station features many live animal exhibits and programs for the enjoyment of wildlife enthusiasts.

Enjoy native wildlife in their nature habitat.

200 Miles Of Trails To Discover!

If you’re looking for trails, we have them – hiking, biking, horseback riding, ATV and water trails. Dozens of miles of hiking trails are scattered throughout the recreation area. Biking adventures will enjoy several challenging trails through the park. Horseback riding trails are quite popular in the Wrangler’s Camp area.

Over 2,500 acres are set aside for OHV riding in LBL. And most recently, water trails for paddlers have been established along the shores of Land Between The Lakes.

Land Between The Lakes and the Kentucky and Barkley Lakes Area has miles and miles of trails to explore.

Get outside and discover hiking, biking, and running on the LBL trails and lakes area trails.

Livingston County Trail System

Located on HWY 453, off exit 31 in Grand Rivers. The LCTS offers 15.5 miles of single track dirt trails, 6.5 miles of gravel trails, 2.25 miles of asphalt trails, and pump track. Trails are designed and suitable for all ages and skill levels. These trails are best for biking however, the trails may be walked, jogged, or hiked as well.

Grand Rivers Walking Trail

Located in Grand Rivers, KY. This 2.18 mile walking trail takes you through the heart of Grand Rivers as well as into Little Lake Park, and onto the Jetty overlooking beautiful Kentucky Lake. Several historic markers are located on the walking trail as well.

Best for walking, jogging or running.

Canal Loop Trail

The Canal Loop Trail is a series of connecting trails providing walks ranging from 1.5 miles to 14 miles. Canal Loop is one of the most popular trails in Land Between The Lakes because it offers spectacular lake views. The trail is a single track…

Trails best for hiking, biking, jogging or running. 


LBL North South Trail

The North/South Trail is a 58 mile point to point trail spanning the entire length of Land Between The Lakes. It is a multi-use trail, with bike riders sharing part of the Northern trail with hikers, and equestrians sharing part of the Southern trail.

Trail best for hiking.

Honker Bay Trail

Located near The Nature Station in Land Between The Lakes, this 4.5 mile loop trail encircles Honker Lake through a variety of habitats including forest, meadows, and lakeshore. Bring along your binoculars and view a variety of waterfowl and wildlife.

Best for hiking.

Hematite Lake Trail

Hematite Lake Trail is located in north central Land Between the Lakes Near the Nature Station. This 2.2 mile hike circles around Hematite Lake and offers beautiful scenery and a chance to see migratory waterfowl and other wildlife spring through fall.

Trails best for hiking.


Hardwoods Scenic Trail

Located in central Land Between The Lakes, this east/ west trail runs from Kentucky Lake to Lake Barkley. This family friendly trail offers plenty of parking areas along the way so you may bike or hike the trail in smaller sections.

Trail best for biking.

Turkey Bay OHV/ATV Trails

Located in Land Between The Lakes, Turkey Bay Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Area provides designated trails for OHV riding and Self-Service Camping. Centrally located, Turkey Bay offers a variety of topography and trails for everyone. The area consists of approximately 100 miles of primary, secondary, and tertiary trails for many different levels of OHV riding.

Wranglers Horse Trails

The network of horse trails offer some of the most scenic spots at Land Between the Lakes. Bordering Lake Barkley and beautiful Fords Bay on the east, and nestled between Laura Furnace Creek and Lick Creek on the West, it’s the only place at Land Between the Lakes designed for horseback riders and wagons.

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