• The Easter Bunny works hard coloring eggs all day, when he is done this is where he goes to play.
  • The bunny loves his job but, dreams of playing rock-n-roll for all. So he stands on this stage and the air guitar he plays.
  • Darth Vader chose the dark side of the force, but his son stayed on this side and became a Jedi of course.
  • You can see Kentucky Lock & Dam from the jetty but the bunny don’t go too far because he don’t want to get wet, before walking out there is an egg in the grass I bet!
  • At the traffic light for boats a couple of eggs you’ll see, find the blue or the pink and in a drawing for a bike you’ll be. Remember there are two, one on land and one by water. The eggs are only located at one, figuring out which one is part of the fun!
  • The bunny took his horse to the Old Town Road, but his friends wanted to ride too so he needed room for more! So he hitched his horse to this in the middle of town and he and his friends went for a ride around.
  • Remember the bunny likes to be on stage so he goes here to watch musical plays. Before going inside, he leaves an egg around, here’s a hint, it’s the only show in town.
  • When the day is done the bunny heads to the spa and he leaves an egg at the sign for all. Think of the color green and your planet where you live and you’ll find this egg next to the sign on a little hill!
  • Mom & Dad here’s one for you, the “parched reptile” is where an egg will be, remember you have to sometimes “face it” to see!