You have a $25K Chance Score Card!

Please review the instructions & rules below

How To Play

Your Score Card Makes You Eligible For The Chance To Win $25,000!

Please Follow These Rules


  • Let each poker stop know that you are playing for the $25K and that you need to keep the card that you drew & your score card needs to be marked.
  • There are 7 stops, and only 5 cards are allowed or needed for play. Players can discard two times. To discard, the player must determine if they want to keep the card or discard it BEFORE the card is marked on the score card. Once the card is marked on the scorecard it can not be discarded. Once the score card to marked to discard a card, the card must be returned to the dealer’s deck. An additional card can not be picked up from that dealer location.
  • Once you have your 5 Card Hand stop by the Grand Rivers Tourism & Chamber Office, 1858 JH O’Bryan Avenue, to enter your cards in the system to determine if you are a grand prize winner.
  • Go to Little Lake Park to have your hand judged for Best or Worst Hand Prizes.
  • Thank you for participating in the 2022 Grand Rivers Golf Cart Poker Run & Supporting Local Special Olympics.

Scan The QR Code On Your Score Card For Your First Stop! All participants will leave Little Lake Park at 5:30 & Must have Score Cards judged by 7:15.

Have Fun!

Your Score Card Makes You Eligible For The Chance To Win $25,000!